Simple Makefile

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Something really useful when coding is to have a good makefile. It saves a lot of time not having to remember what libraries need to be linked, what locations the libraries are installed in, etc…

Because it was such a pain, I made my own all-purpose makefile (all-purpose in the sense that it’ll work for me in my computer haha). It’s extremely simple and for small projects but it’s a good copy-paste solution to many projects I believe.

The makefile can be found in my Github repo.


(My .emacs File)++

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I haven’t posted for a long time and I think instead of waiting until coming up with a good post, I’ll just put interesting things I find as I code along.

There are two more useful things about emacs, using it as a deamon and opening man pages.


OpenCL Errors

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When OpenCL throws an error, it usually comes in the form:

                OpenCL Error: -X

where X is the error code.

Although the error output is implemented in the OCL-Library, I thought it might be a useful reference for quick checking.


Introduction to GPU Programming (HPC Summer Institute at Rice University)

Rice LogoRice hosted a High Performance Computing (HPC) Summer Institute which introduced many concepts on, not surprisingly, high performance computing. For those who weren’t able to attend or might find this information useful, the contents of the two day sessions by Dr. Tim Warburton, Associate Professor from the Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAAM) Department at Rice University, will be briefly summarized below.


Content from HPC Sessions: (LINK)
Dr. Warburton’s CAAM 520 Course: (LINK)

OCL Library (OpenCL C++ Wrapper)

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I use OpenCL to program GPUs for my research and found it a pain to have to copy paste these long OpenCL functions. I understand they are done that way for more flexibility but even though I’m striving for efficiency, most of those features aren’t that important to me. This is a small library that started off as a C implementation to facilitate my OpenCL implementation; but due to the advantage of using C++ classes, it seemed like moving this C code into C++ code would make my life easier for future programming.

If you are interested in OpenCL but drawn back by its complexity, you might find this helpful. This was meant to be simple to use as well as efficient, so this might be interesting to those who have used OpenCL before. If there is a bug or something that might be helpful, feel free to contact me.

The source codes for the OCL library are in my Github

My .emacs File

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I’ve been using emacs for about a year now and, for what I do, it is absolutely great. However, the learning curve is a bit steep and I found that there was not much documentation out there for it (or if there was, I could not find it). Whenever I needed some help with it, I often found Stack Overflow, EmacsWiki or Google as my main sources of information.

The source code for my emacs file is in my Github


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